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Copyleft The New Fire Tree Press 2016   

Writing: Andrew Fentham
Coding: David Devanny
Compatibility: Desktop only

This digital re-mediation is a version of 'Project' by David Devanny, Andrew Fentham and Gareth Proskourine-Barnett. The print version of 'Project', produced by Tombstone Press in association with New Fire Tree, is available through our online shop.

'Project' is a collaborative response to 'an Exhibit' (Victor Pasmore, Richard Hamilton, Lawrence Alloway; Hatton Gallery, 1957). Pasmore's drive towards projection - from the canvas, through reliefs and installations into architecture - is addressed in a text underpinned by Charles Olson's poetry manifesto Projective Verse (1950). 'Project' takes the Perspex of 'an Exhibit' as its page to make verse an environment in which to explore Pasmore's stated aim of creating 'an abstract painting you could walk into'.

Click here to access the digital version