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Copyleft The New Fire Tree Press 2016   

Pop Goes the Pine Apple: Scene 1 (demo)
Writing: David Devanny, Andrew Fentham, Mark Goodwin
Recording & Sound Art: Mark Goodwin
Design & Coding: David Devanny
Compatibility: Desktop only & modern browsers (more compatibility coming soon)

'Pop Goes the Pine Apple' was a site specific digital poetry installation in the disused attic bar of the historic New Inn, Falmouth (now Jago's Bar). The installation was commissioned by 'Fascinate' an international digital arts conference and festival, and used NFC tags and bespoke paranormal detectors to create a playspace for poetry sound-art. This demo of scene 1 is the first of three scenes which try to re-create and document a portion of the site specific exhibition:

Click Here to Access the Work

Look out for the next installments in April!