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Copyleft The New Fire Tree Press 2016   

The Book is Dead, Long Live the Book!
Writing: Andy Owen Cook, David Devanny, Douglas Duteil, David Greaves, Jack McGowan
Compatibility: Desktop only

'The Book is Dead, Long Live the Book!' was a showcase of poems that perform "off-the-page" and which were written on site at the Glasgow School of Art Charles Rennie Mackintosh Library.

This showcase was the culmination of a site-specific collaborative residency focussing on digital and performance poetry, and the relationship between architectural space and practice. It is also part of a larger research project by Alan Hooper and Inga Paterson about the library space. The work has taken on a strange quality given the tragic fire which destroyed the Library shortly after our residency there. The group is currently working towards a hardback publication featuring the poems and critical essays from the project.

This sample tries to re-create and document just one of the many performances from that residency:

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